Portfolio of collaborative robots expanded

25. Februar 2021, 12:40 Uhr   |  Inka Krischke

Portfolio of collaborative robots expanded

The new Cobot families GoFa and Swifti complement ABB's existing Cobot offering, consisting of the two-arm YuMi robot and the single-arm YuMi variant.

ABB is expanding its portfolio of collaborative robots (cobots) with the 'GoFa' and 'Swifti' cobot families, which offer higher payloads and speeds.

The two new families complement ABB's existing YuMi dual-arm robot and single-arm YuMi variants. The stronger, more agile and versatile cobots are expected to accelerate the company's expansion into segments such as electronics, healthcare, consumer goods, logistics and the food and beverage industries.

GoFa and Swifti can be operated intuitively and are ready for use within a short time after installation, with no special training required. This gives industries with low levels of automation the opportunity to benefit extensively from automation.

»Our new cobots are easy to use and configure. With our global network of service experts, we enable companies of any size and in any industry, well beyond the manufacturing industry, to get started with robotics smoothly,« said Sami Atiya, head of ABB's Robotics & Manufacturing Automation business unit.


With the expansion of its Cobot portfolio, ABB aims to help not only existing users of robotics, but also new ones, accelerate automation.
GoFa and Swifti are designed to help companies automate processes and assist workers with tasks such as material handling, machine operation, assembly and packaging. The versatile new-generation cobots are equally suited for use in manufacturing, medical laboratories, logistics centers and warehouses as they are for use in workshops and small production operations.

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