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Kuka relies on Ecosystem

19. April 2021, 00:22 Uhr   |  Andrea Gillhuber

Kuka relies on Ecosystem
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Kuka shows first building blocks of its new operating system iiQKA-OS at Hanover Fair Digital Edition.

Intuitive, fast and powerful - this is how Kuka describes its future operating system iiQKA.OS. It is intended to greatly simplify robot use and serve as the basis for an entire ecosystem.

Kuka is presenting the first elements of its new operating system iiQKA.OS at the Hanover Fair Digital Edition. It is intended to serve as the basis for an entire ecosystem, provide access to programs, apps, services or accessories, and at the same time be simple and intuitive to use. So simple, in fact, that even laymen can quickly program a robot.

With the new operating system, robot use should be greatly simplified. In view of the fact that only 5% of companies have automation via robots, and that these are mainly large corporations such as automotive manufacturers, the move is strategically understandable: The Augsburg-based company wants to make robot-based automation solutions attractive and easy to use for small and medium-sized companies as well - from simple applications to highly complex automation tasks.

The operating system iiQKA.OS in detail

The operating system with web-based user interface is based on a modular, Linux-based software architecture whose modular and container-based components can each be developed and improved on their own. This increases the efficiency and speed of development processes by installing only the functions and components that are needed. If new requirements are added, they can be added later. The company cites stable and consistent application programming interfaces (APIs) and decentralized data mirroring, which ensures data consistency no matter which device the user is working on, as further advantages of the modular and open software architecture.

Modularity also enables faster deployment of software updates and upgrades. This means that the operating system, which is primarily adapted to robotic systems, can be expanded quickly. In order to be able to react quickly to user requirements, Kuka has implemented a feed-back system. The feedback is in turn incorporated into the development of robot software, hardware and services.

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