German Robotics Association launched

11. Februar 2021, 9:49 Uhr | Inka Krischke
The Board of Directors of the German Robotics Association (from left to right): Christoph Ryll (Deputy), Helmut Schmid (Chair) and Olaf Gehrels (Deputy and Spokesman)
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In October 2020, the Deutscher Robotik Verband e.V. was founded in Nuremberg. The aim of the robotics association is to promote the use of robot technology, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises.

The first chairman of the association is Helmut Schmid. His two deputies are Olaf Gehrels and Christoph Ryll. In addition to their enthusiasm for automation technology in general, the founders are primarily motivated by the idea of keeping Germany and Europe attractive as a business location and making them fit for the future through the use of simple robot solutions.

Helmut Schmid, who built up the German branch of cobot supplier Universal Robots and headed the Western and Northern Europe region until July 2020, says of the association's founding: "The heart of German industry is small companies, many of which are ready to secure their future and that of the location with the help of robots." Individual production, batch size 1 and short lead times are already commonplace for these companies with ten, 20 or 30 employees today, he says, but are becoming increasingly difficult to sustain with the growing shortage of skilled workers. The most promising approach to solving this problem is therefore the use of industrial robots of various kinds, and in particular innovative technologies such as lightweight robots and cobots.
Olaf Gehrels, spokesman for the association and former head of Germany and Europe for robot supplier Fanuc, has extensive knowledge of the industry and decades of experience with classic industrial robots. Christoph Ryll is regarded as one of Germany's leading experts on safety issues relating to robotics. As a safety consultant and certified expert in the field of machine safety as well as for robots and handling systems in the Bundesverband Deutscher Sachverständiger und Fachgutachter e.V. (Federal Association of German Experts and Expert Assessors), Ryll has supported numerous SMEs in the past 15 years in all questions of normative and machine directive-compliant design of robots and robot systems.

Neutral consultation belongs to the self-conception of the association. The website '', which provides an overview of the current focal points, is intended to contribute to this.

Manufacturers and users are expressly encouraged to become members, in order to make experience from the operator's point of view usable within the network. Schmid: "The size of the company does not play a role, only the interest in proactively participating in the network."

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