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Teaching versus offline programming

Cobots are not for programming, or are they? Manufacturers of collaborative robots…
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Mobile Industrial Robots

Merger with AutoGuide Mobile Robots

Teradyne's Mobile Industrial Robots and AutoGuide Mobile Robots have merged to form an…

Materialumschlag Universal Robots
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Universal Robots

Record sales in 2021

Universal Robots (UR), Danish provider of collaborative lightweight robots, reports record…

Die SPS 2022 findet vom 8. bis 11. November 2022 statt.
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Trade fair postponed

SPS 2022 with new date

SPS will take place earlier this year: Mesago Messe Frankfurt announced the new date as…

Care-O-bot_mit_neuen_Armen, Fraunhofer IPA
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Fraunhofer IPA

Improved safety for service robots

In the S³ research project, researchers from Fraunhofer IPA worked with project partners…

SeRoNet, Fraunhofer IPA

Fraunhofer IPA

Low code for service robots

The SeRoNet project, launched in 2017, aims to significantly simplify the design,…

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Robot boom

In Germany, too, we can expect to see increased implementation of robots in companies in…

Steuerung, Edge Devices und Cloud im Verbund
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Control, edge devices and cloud in a network

Developing predictive maintenance algorithms involves a number of challenges. Using the…

Kinesphere, Ballett, Augsburg, Kuka
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Combining technology and art

An industrial robot is one of the main actors in a piece at the Staatstheater Augsburg,…

Das Online-Format der Automatica Sprint bietet den rund 80 Ausstellern eine digitale Bühne.
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Automatica Sprint

Digital premiere for robotics trade fair

Today, the compact trade fair Automatica Sprint celebrates its digital premiere as an…