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Use at temperatures as low as -196 °C

03. Dezember 2018, 01:30 Uhr   |  Inka Krischke

Use at temperatures as low as -196 °C
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Due to their temperature decoupling from the process, the 80 GHz Vegaplus 64 radar sensors from Vega are optimized for extreme process temperatures - as they prevail in LNG applications: Up to -196°C are no problem.

There is neither icing nor condensation on the antenna system. In addition to cryogenic applications, the protected housing and the front-flush antenna cover made of PTFE is suitable for reliable measurement in aggressive media, whether acids, alkalis or abrasive media. From the housing head to the measuring cell, they are manu­factured with maxi­­mum robustness and  are equipped with high quality details. Their core piece is a metal construction made of resistant stainless steel, which thermally decouples the sensitive electronics in the sensor housing. But also due to their high dynamic range, the 80 GHz radar sensors provide good performance in the acquisition of the smallest signals, especially in the measurement of hydrocarbons, according to the manufacturer. Virtually all petro­chemical media, from crude oil to cryogenic liquid ­gases, can be detected with the sensors despite their low reflective properties.

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