Controllers: Two times Ethernet 62 mm wide

With its new PFC100 controller Wago focuses on downsizing: Just 62 mm in width it houses two Ethernet interfaces with DIP switches (750-8101) or with a serial RS-232/RS-485 interface (750-8102).

Mittelstand 10.000: Platz 8 - Wago. Bildquelle: © Wago Kontakttechnik

Memory in both variants is 12 Mbyte and splits automatically into program code and data. More capacity is added by an integrated microSD card slot. The controller also comes as a socalled Eco stage. At 50 mm this is 12 mm leaner because the separate feed-in terminal is dispensed with. Instead the 24-V power supply is applied straight on the controller. In terms of security and encryption the controller has an integrated firewall to guard against cyber attacks for instance. Additionally, the realtime-capable Linux operating system is intended to enhance IT security, with the Linux environment making it possible to implement encryption technologies through TLS 1.2. Thus an IPsec or OpenVPN connection can be created direct from the controller to send encrypted data.