"Shapers" put pressure on fieldbusses

19. Januar 2018, 13:21 Uhr   |  Meinrad Happacher


TSN plus OPC UA at the field level: B&R demonstrated that this is not a utopia at the SPS IPC Drives 2017 using a demo wall with 200 TSN nodes.

Is OPC UA plus TSN the exclusive industrial communication solution of the future? The so-called Shaper Group is now emphasizing this conviction with a new whitepaper. Computer & AUTOMATION offers it for download.

OPC UA plus TSN will soon play a major role as a communication solution in industrial automation - the players in the field of industrial automation are now agreed on this. Only, where will the limits of deployment lie? There is currently no consensus in the industry on this point. Actors - such as the Profibus user organisation - may well be convinced that the OPC UA plus TSN communication combination belongs to the future, but it is limited to the field of application from the cloud down to the control level.  According to their conviction, the classical field level of the automation pyramid will continue to be covered in the future by solutions such as Profinet IRT, Ehtercat and Sercos.

OPC UA TSN A new Solution for Industrial Communication

Differently the Shaper Group, a loose group of companies of meanwhile 17 manufacturers of IT and industrial automation: “We anticipate that OPC UA TSN will quickly reveal itself as a game changer in the field of industrial automation, being the first and only candidate for establishing a holistic communication infrastructure from the sensor to the cloud.” - so an excerpt from the latest whitepaper “OPC UA TSN - A new Solution for Industrial Communication”.

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