Safety switch

Safety for smaller systems

29. November 2019, 10:00 Uhr   |  Euchner

Safety for smaller systems
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With the CES-C07 safety switch and the ESM-CB safety module, Euchner offers a duo in its portfolio that, according to the manufacturer, opens up new freedom in the design of safety solutions for smaller systems.

Together they are able to communicate at the Industry 4.0 level. They meet requirements up to safety function category 4 and performance level e (PLe). The safety switch supplies process-relevant parameters in real time, for example to obtain information for preventive maintenance. For example, the sensors measure relevant environmental parameters and signal in good time whether a system failure is imminent. The system also reports manipulation attempts. In combination with the safety module, this information is automatically interrogated by every switch in the chain and made available to the controller via IO-Link.

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