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Safety competencies bundled

29. November 2019, 08:00 Uhr   |  Günter Herkommer

Safety competencies bundled

Michael Plankensteiner from logi.cals (right) and Axel Helmerth from ISH: „The future of automation is networking - and networks are also the future of service providers“.

At the beginning of this year ISH and logi.cals entered into a strategic partnership. As part of a joint trade fair appearance, they presented the first results of their recent cooperation in Nuremberg at the SPS 2019.

In the age of IoT, industrial automation is facing a decisive change. „To keep up with the high pace of innovation, solid strategic partnerships are needed“ - the two managing directors Michael Plankensteiner from logi.cals and Axel Helmerth from ISH emphasize in unison. Both companies entered into such a partnership at the beginning of 2019 and have bundled their know-how accordingly - initially with a focus on functional safety.

The new concept includes all target system related components such as evaluation and test boards, certified libraries for code comparison, memory testing or a mathematical library, which are supplied by ISH within the framework of the cooperation. Furthermore, ISH supports customers in the initial phase and accompanies them during the development and certification process. The certified hardware and software construction kit from ISH (compliant item) is supplemented by the browser-based engineering solution logi.Safe from logi.cals. Safety applications can be programmed and parameterized in FBD according to IEC 61131-3. Taken together, this results in a „safe, ‚round‘ and easy-to-use platform with all typical modules that is not yet available on the market - from simple IO to safety motion, safe floating point processing and safe parameterization“. A first version of the joint solution can be seen at the trade fair stand in Hall 6.

The cooperation between logi.cals and ISH will take place under the auspices of Neuron, a group of independent and synergetic technology providers. „It brings together different competencies that can be used by all group members and discusses current and future activities to exploit synergies and new technologies and ensure the efficient development of shared components,“ says Michael Plankensteiner. Neuron was founded in 2019 as a holding company and holds 70% of logi.cals and 100% of ISH. Further partnerships and shareholdings are in preparation. Even if ISH and logi.cals want to benefit strongly from each other‘s competences in the future, they will continue to operate as independent companies under common ownership.

In addition to functional security, Michael Plankensteiner and Axel Helmerth are convinced that the topic of cloud solutions will be of great interest to the automation industry in the coming years. „With Open Web Automation, we have a concept in place that gives users a time advantage over competitors,“ says Plankensteiner, looking to the near future. On the basis of an open, modular architecture with defined interfaces, OWA offers control manufacturers a technological basis to make their engineering platform cloud-ready. In addition to a comprehensive engineering environment for PLC programs in IEC 61131-3 languages, C, C++ or Pyton in the desktop version, logi.CAD 3 and the browser-based solution logi.Cloud (from the end of 2020), the two partner companies will then also offer an integrated test framework that will enable quality assurance of third-party solutions in cloud-based marketplaces. The combination of AutomationML and OPC UA allows integrated modelling of engineering domains and semantic enrichment of runtime data for effective evaluation in data analyses and machine learning applications.

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