Virtual HMI

Platform-independent remote access

29. November 2019, 10:00 Uhr   |  Spectra

Platform-independent remote access
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Usually the control of processes with a PLC runs fully automatically after the first parameterization. In some applications, however, it is necessary for the operator or technician to be able to call up and set the process data at any time.

 With the help of platform-independent remote access, this process can be facilitated and accelerated. The Virtual HMI models of the ‚UniStream PLC‘ series from Spectra enable precisely this simple operation. They no longer have an integrated touch display, but behave the same for the programmer as the models with an integrated touch display. All display and control elements are completely defined and parameterized within the ‚Unilogic‘ development environment. Using an app available for all operating systems, the user interface of the PLC can be displayed on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The UniStream Virtual HMI series is available in the variants Classic, Standard and Pro, which differ in terms of IO expandability, interface options for communication with other systems, support for SD cards and the scope of special software functions such as web servers or PID control loops. However, if a touch display is required directly on the system or machine, the series can be retrofitted with a display or connected to a display via Ethernet.

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