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Industrial Linux with 10-year support

05. Dezember 2017, 00:00 Uhr   |  Joachim Kroll

Industrial Linux with 10-year support
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At the Renesas stand, an evaluation board with RZ/G Linux was on display.

Renesas is offering longterm Linux support for its RZ/G processors. The chips deliver powerful graphics, are aimed at control panels, control and communication devices.

With its software support Renesas wants to ease Linux integration in industrial installations. Here the producer offers the RZ/G Linux platform with SLTS (super long-term support), assuring Linux kernel stability of ten years. This would mean extreme reduction of maintenance costs. The problem with ‘connected‘ devices is that weak points are repeatedly found in operating systems that then have to be patched. With kernel versions that continue to develop however, the older ones are no longer safety patched, so existing gaps then stay open, or the producer has to patch the device themselves, which can consume work, time, and cost. If Renesas takes care of this problem, the customer in industry is really saved much development cost. The RZ/G Linux platform is a validated Linux packet with which users in a stable operating environment can immediately begin development of application software. The packet includes the Linux kernel with board support package (BSP), multimedia functions (H.264 codec, 3D graphics), a framework (Qt, HTML 5) for graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and security functions. Renesas handles maintenance, and version management of Linux distribution. BSP support for RZ/G1 MPU is currently available. This application processor comes with two Cortex-A15 cores, a PowerVR graphics unit with 3D functions, hardware video codecs, plus varied peripherals like Ethernet, CAN, USB, I²C. Renesas plans additional support for other products from the RZ/G1 MPU series, currently consisting of five chips.

With cloud development environment

In the RZ/G Linux platform Renesas wants to attract users working with a commercial realtime operating system, or quite without an operating system. But approaching embedded Linux users can also benefit. The platform offers a cloud development environment within the integrated Renesas e² studio software development tool. That gives embedded programmers the possibility of writing and compiling their code on cloud servers, where Linux distribution and BSP are active. In that way the number of development iterations is meant to minimize, improving productivity in all work phases. The platform comes with extensive tools for code validation and analysis, using a proprietary and comprehensive online database. The tools support the user in tracing potential error sources, and recommend specific debugging operations. In Renesas Marketplace there is also a central platform on which technology partners offer additional hardware and software solutions verified for the Renesas RZ/G Linux platform. Users can purchase and download security tools, embedded vision libraries, and other software. To cement the RZ/G Linux platform, Renesas continues to expand the community of Marketplace partners, and suports major partner businesses worldwide.

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