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Implement the digital transformation now!

29. November 2019, 08:00 Uhr   |  Meinrad Happacher

Implement the digital transformation now!

Sebastian Seitz: „We must not push our customers into a cloud scenario - we must convince them of this with unbeatable arguments“.

Eplan is committed to implementing the digital transformation with its customers. Sebastian Seitz, CEO, explains how the topic is to be implemented at the SPS fair.

Mr. Seitz, digital transformation is actually on the to-do list of all automation providers. How do you want to approach the topic with your customers? 

Sebastian Seitz: For me personally, the term digital transformation does not go far enough. That‘s why we‘re going to go a little further: from our point of view, digitization, standardization and automation form a complete package that has to be tackled; digitization alone is not enough! And most importantly, we must succeed in sensitizing and winning over our customers‘ management to this issue. We have therefore set up a Future Lab at our stand to discuss trends in digitization, data and cloud technology at management level. 

... the topics of standardization and automation will also become transparent here? 

Sebastian Seitz: I only partially agree with you. These topics will be discussed in greater depth at our booth, where our customers can compare their individual engineering processes with experts. Together with our sister company Rittal, we will also be demonstrating the synergies of an integrated value chain: The entire process from procurement to production, operations and engineering in switchgear construction is digitized and highly automated.   

Is the cloud a must for the user on the path to digital transformation? 

Sebastian Seitz: We cannot and do not want to force our customers into a cloud landscape; the potential added value should be convincing! The possibilities of the cloud extend our existing portfolio within the framework of the Eplan platform. They complement our on-premise products, for example in the area of maintenance. Our approach here is to gradually introduce our customers to the added value of cloud technology. 

As part of your ePulse cloud system, you will be presenting Eplan eBuild at SPS. What is behind it?  

Sebastian Seitz: Eplan eBuild is a new cloud software for the semi-automated generation of circuit diagrams or fluid diagrams. Users who work with the Eplan platform can look forward to an easy introduction that does not require any training or comprehensive familiarization. Simply register in Eplan ePulse, then open the project, select the task and, at the push of a button, configure the software schematics based on Eplan Electric P8 or fluid plans based on Eplan Fluid. 

Part of your cloud is the Eplan Data Portal, in which you combine device and component data from different manufacturers. Can we expect anything new at the trade fair?  

Sebastian Seitz: The data mentioned is the foundation of an efficient process from engineering to production. With our new, optimized data standard based on eCl@ss Advanced, we are taking the quality of digital article and device data in the Eplan Data Portal to a new level. The work processes in engineering, material procurement and production of control and switchgear systems are accelerated with these standardized data. Manufacturers also receive more support: they receive a new import tool based on eCl@ss Advanced that significantly simplifies data provision. Rittal has already stored the first data in the new standard for the PLC - other well-known manufacturers such as ABB, IFM, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Wago and Weidmüller are already actively implementing the new standard.

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