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Forecast remaining useful life

29. November 2019, 10:00 Uhr   |  ABB Automation

Forecast remaining useful life

ABB expands Service Ability Condition Monitoring for the powertrain that connects drives, motors, pumps and bearings with an option for condition-based maintenance of drives.

The software provides early warning of unusual operating conditions that could lead to premature failure of a drive and its components. Cloud-based algorithms and statistical analyses are used to determine the stress on the components and calculate their remaining service life. If a failure is predicted before the next scheduled maintenance, measures can be taken to prevent unplanned downtime. In some cases, the new service may also reveal that the drive components are subject to less stress than usual. Then the regular intervals of preventive maintenance can be extended to achieve higher productivity and cost reductions. As a first step, ABB‘s condition-based maintenance service is available for ACS800 and ACS880 series air-cooled drives. The accuracy of the predicted remaining service life depends on the specific application. In many cases, however, the failure of drive components can be predicted one or even two years in advance.

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