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Entering the IE business

03. Dezember 2019, 09:00 Uhr   |  Günter Herkommer

Entering the IE business
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Kevin Carlin: „We foresaw the demand for predictable, deterministic networks and we will ensure that our solutions support both today’s industrial protocols and tomorrow’s TSN needs, within each offer.“((BILD Wauf Messe))

With the new brand ‚ADI Chronous‘, Analog Devices wants to have an important say in the area of Industrial Ethernet (IE) going forward. Kevin Carlin, Vice President Industrial Automation & Energy at ADI, provides more insight.

Mr. Carlin, what is ADI’s strategy regarding the Industrial Ethernet announcement at the SPS 2019?

Kevin Carlin: Our new Chronous Portfolio of Solutions are designed specifically to address the communication challenges within Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, and the digital transformation. Our ambition is to enable the efficient development of robust, scalable ethernet connectivity solutions that address both todays industrial networks and tomorrow’s TSN-based systems.

What concrete new products are you launching in Nuremberg?

Kevin Carlin: First we are launching our first ever, Industrial Ethernet PHY technology, the ADIN1300 & ADIN1200. These are products, designed for robustness in industrial applications and offers speeds of 1 Gigabit and 100 Megabit respectively. At the same time we are significantly reducing the power consumption, latency and size of Ethernet PHY technology to enable robust Industrial Ethernet for time critical applications. It is fully released and available to order today.  

Beyond that ADI is releasing a embedded reference design for networking, supporting 10/100 Mbit connectivity. This solution includes verified schematics and layout recommendations, combined with our embedded switches, PHYs and processors and can be deployed directly by customers within any system design. It comes complete with proven and verified network software to support most of today’s industrial protocols while also supporting many key TSN features needed for deterministic network design.

The market for IE solutions is already strongly occupied by various suppliers – what specific added value can ADI offer as a ‚newcomer‘?

Kevin Carlin: ADI is the first semiconductor supplier to have developed a prototype for 10BASE-T1L PHY and this new technology will be a key enablement vehicle for the proliferation of Ethernet to the field. By solving the challenge of distance and power while being suitable for use in intrinsic safe applications, this technology is removing that barriers that has to-date limited the use of Ethernet in low power sensors field applications. 

Today, we are also showcasing our new scalable, Ethernet Switch prototype. It supports the full suite of TSN features, while being scalable in bandwidth from 10SPE to 1Gigabit and port count from 3 to 6 ports. This portfolio will provide the flexibility and scalability to support virtually any topology and network architecture in the factory of the future. An inherently secure solution, it will provide customers with a trusted connection to the network and confidence that the communication interface has not been hacked. It is designed to enable flexibility in choice of TSN features while maintaining support for all major Industrial Ethernet Protocols, supporting the need for backward compatibility. 
ADI recently acquired the company Test Motors. Can you provide more background to this?

Kevin Carlin: Test Motors is a company specializing in predictive maintenance of electric motors and generators. This acquisition builds on our 2018 addition of OtoSense, a startup that developed „sensing interpretation“ software able to learn and recognize sounds or vibration and identify potential problems in a factory machine or a car’s engine before they become severe. OtoSense’s artificial intelligence platform is dedicated to sensing interpretation and enabling the monitoring of any asset, wherever located. We plan to combine software from OtoSense with Test Motors’ monitoring capabilities to create solutions that offer an advanced, wholistic snapshot of machine health by capturing a wider breadth of potential faults. 

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